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Mar 01, 2018 / Sports Medicine

Compassionate Care for All – National Athletic Training Month

What is an athletic trainer?
The National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Directors describes athletic trainers (ATs) as “health care professionals who work with physicians. They provide services including prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions.”

Where do athletic trainers work?
Many work in high schools and colleges taking care of athletic teams. Because of their skill set, athletic trainers may also be found in emergency rooms, work settings, physician offices and sports medicine clinics.

Does Scottish Rite Hosptial involve athletic trainers in their patient care?
We have staff athletic trainers that are present in our sports medicine clinic every day. Both have experience on the sidelines and in the training room with young athletes. They are able to work directly with our young athletes in these ways:
  • Evaluation and care planning
  • Education about diagnosis, treatment plans, home exercises, equipment use and injury prevention
  • Application of braces
  • Communication with health care providers including school ATs
How do athletic trainers keep young athletes safe?
Athletic trainers are on the sidelines at many youth sporting events. Therefore, an AT is often the first to evaluate an injury and stabilize the patient. They lead bystanders to follow an formal Emergency Action Plan (EAP). 
Athletic trainers are advocates for young athletes. They actively look for ways to improve safety in youth sports. In addition to recognizing injuries and coordinating care, ATs also work to:
  • Improve the conditions of playing fields
  • Repair and retire broken and unsafe equipment
  • Educate players and coaches for proper conditioning, hydration, nutrition and other injury prevention methods
Our sports medicine team admires the hard work and dedication of ATs in all settings. Join us by thanking your athletic trainer today!

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