Apr 18, 2024 / Spotlight

D Magazine's 2024 Excellence in Nursing Award Winners

Congratulations to Michelle and Valencia on being named two of D Magazine's 2024 Excellence in Nursing honorees!
Take a moment to read what their coworkers have to say about them:
“Three of Scottish Rite’s core values are child-focused, excellence, and education. Michelle positively impacts each of these core values every day. Michelle demonstrates the child-focused value because she consistently puts the needs of her patients and their family ahead of everything else. She advocates for her patients, works effectively with interdisciplinary teams to coordinate care, and anticipates the needs of her patients. Michelle is an excellent nurse and often receives compliments on her patient care. As an RN III on the Inpatient Unit, she is a clinical expert and assigned to patients with complex diagnoses. Despite the increased complexity of her patients, she has not made a medication error or received a patient complaint in her nine years at Scottish Rite.  Finally, Michelle has exceeded expectations regarding education and is a lifelong learner. Michelle started her nursing career at Scottish Rite as a student nurse. Michelle was accepted into our summer Nurse Extern program and was eventually hired as a full-time nurse. Over the past nine years, Michelle has earned her ADN, BSN, and recently, her MSN. She is now a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Scottish Rite.
– Lia Young, RN Assistant Director of Nursing
“It has been such a pleasure working with Michelle and being able to witness the thoughtful and holistic care she provides to every patient and family she encounters. She is very patient and caring and without thinking twice, always goes the extra mile for her patients. She fully embodies the definition of an EXCELLENT nurse. We are very lucky to have her be a part of our team!”
– Angie Torres, APRN, CPNP
“I have worked with Valencia for about 7 years. She embodies all the characteristics of what a great nurse should be. She is a great asset to Scottish Rite. As a peer, she is always willing to help her team. Valencia goes out of her way to contribute and help colleagues during her shifts. Valencia is always willing to share her knowledge and experience with us, providing guidance and support when we need it. Valencia has a kind spirit that shows in her day-to-day nursing with her patients and her peers. We are all lucky to have her as a coworker!”  
-Maria Perez, BSN, R.N.
I wanted to share a few words on Valenica. She is extremely caring, kind, and compassionate. She listens to and spends time with her patients. She also helps her coworkers and team. Valencia will go the extra mile for others, patient, families, and coworkers alike. 
Valencia has high integrity and will always do the right thing. She strives to grow in her nursing and to advance her career. She is a great example to all nurses of loving your profession, advancing in your profession, and doing it all to advance nursing care and nursing practice.” 
Connie Pachicano, DNP, MSN, RN, CPN, Nurse Manager Inpatient Unit

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