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Oct 07, 2020 / Sports Medicine

Elbow Injury Prevention in Young Athletes

Throwing elbow injuries in our youth are preventable. Parents and coaches are advocates for their young athletes.

Tips to Avoid Throwing Related Injuries:

  • Follow pitch count guidelines.*
  • Perform proper warm-up and stretching.
  • Learn and maintain proper form.
  • Stop pitching when tired and form becomes worse.
  • Never pitch with pain.
  • Never pitch on consecutive days.
  • Avoid year-round play.
  • Avoid playing on multiple teams during a single season.
  • Never use a radar gun.
  • Serious pitchers should consider using a pitching coach familiar with growing athletes.
  • Do not focus on a single sport until at least 14 years old.
  • Cross train and perform exercises to help with lower body, shoulder and scapular stabilization.
*An exact number of pitches per game may not the problem. However, the cumulative effects of excessive pitching are problematic. Monitoring and limiting pitches per game, innings per game and ensuring proper rest breaks are believed to reduce the risk of injury to the growth plates.

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