Nurse at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children Fracture Clinic assists small girl dressed as princess

May 01, 2017 / Fractures

Fracture Care Fit for a Princess

From the moment they walked into our Fracture Clinic, Ashlynn’s mom told us that her little princess felt right at home. In fact, she laughed her way through her first visit because the staff was so friendly and funny. “Ray was more than we could imagine. He made her laugh. He was really good with her,” her mom said, "She never opens up right away.”

Ashlynn, 4, of Frisco, came to see our team when a fall caused her arm to hurt and her hand began to feel cold. A cold hand can be a sign of damage to a blood vessel and needs to be evaluated quickly. During her first visit, Ray Kleposki, Scottish Rite Hospital Fracture Clinic Nurse Practitioner, explained that some providers may have looked at the X-ray and said there was not a fracture. However, Ashlynn’s physical exam suggested otherwise, and Kleposki recognized a subtle fracture.

The natural process of an injured bone is to try to remodel or repair itself. Weeks after a fracture, an X-ray will show signs of healing in an area that may have looked normal on the original X-rays. A pediatric orthopedic specialist, like Kleposki, is trained to recognize these and provide just the right treatment and activity recommendations.

Ashlynn said, “My teacher only let me walk in the grass when I had a cast.” So she was happy to get the news at her last visit that she could go back to playing on the playground with her friends.

Bumps and bruises are sometimes a normal part of kids being kids! However, if your child breaks a bone, you may call our fracture clinic directly at 469-515-7200. Learn more about our Fracture Clinic.


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