Vincent Jackson

Jun 29, 2020 / Spotlight

Get to Know our Staff: Vincent Jackson, Radiology

What is your role at Scottish Rite for Children? 
I am a senior radiology tech. I set the schedule for our department and get to work with various doctors during surgery. I am also working with CT scans to broaden my skill level. 
What do you enjoy most about Scottish Rite?
I love my job - helping kids and working with a professional staff is priceless. We really are like a family. 
What was your first job? What path did you take to get here?
I had a paper route when I was 14. I loved the responsibility and the $68/month wasn't too bad. I wanted to get into the medical field because I have a degree from UT in biological science. I was in the library when I found out about radiology and that is how my dream began. I've been here for 12 years. 

What’s the coolest or most interesting thing you’re working on right now?
Reconnecting with a different modality. Training in CT is rewarding, challenging and fun.
What are you currently watching on Netflix/Hulu/TV/etc.? 
Ozark and Da 5 Bloods 
What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?
A jungle excursion in a secluded part of Costa Rica, surrounded by waterfalls. 

What are some small things that make your day better?
Always the kids. We are here to help them, and they always make me smile. 

What is special about the place you grew up?
The diversity of Dallas is amazing. You can learn so much from all of the different cultures. 
What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not working? 
I love to bowl, although I haven't been able to recently because of COVID. I would like to take up golf - all of my friends have become obsessed. 

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