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May 12, 2022 / Neurology

Great Support On and Off the Court

Article previously published in Rite Up, 2022 – Issue 1.
As Cedric zooms down the basketball court in his wheelchair, his signature long, curly locks fly behind him. “Cedric is an amazing kid with a heart of gold and a contagious smile,” his mother, Sara, says.
At around 15 months old, Cedric was diagnosed with hereditary spastic paraparesis, a group of rare, inherited neurological disorders that cause progressive spasticity and weakness of the leg and hip muscles. His condition can sometimes cause him pain, but he never lets it defeat him.
“Cedric is truly an inspiration,” his doctor and Director of Neurophysiology Michelle R. Christie, M.D., says.
“His smile lights up my day, and it is an honor to watch him grow and get stronger in mind, spirit and body.”
Because hereditary spastic paraparesis is a progressive condition, he will always have to overcome the challenges associated with it. With the help of his multidisciplinary team, his treatment plan is periodically modified to meet his needs.
“At Scottish Rite, they listen to our concerns and answer our questions,” Sara says. “We’re blessed to be part of a place that truly cares about Cedric because we know they will always help him overcome obstacles and thrive in all that he does.” At the suggestion of the Psychology team Cedric sees at Scottish Rite, he began trying out different sports. When Sara saw how it helped her son thrive, there was no holding him back. Cedric plays wheelchair basketball and baseball and participates in track and field events, including shot put, javelin and discus. “My goal is to be a Paralympian one day,” Cedric says.

His team at Scottish Rite for Children will be there for any goals Cedric has, no matter how big or small. “They help me, and they know what’s best for me,” Cedric says. “They ask me questions and don’t assume. They listen to me.”
“Dr. Christie and her team have always had Cedric’s best interests in mind,” Sara says. “It’s an amazing feeling knowing that they want what’s best for Cedric just as much as I do. As a parent, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

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