Dr. Oishi in clinic with Kinzie

Apr 02, 2021 / Spotlight

Healing Through Helping: Physically and Mentally Better

Article previously published in Rite Up, 2021 – Issue 1.

Unintentional injuries with children occur every day — from playtime to the typical school day to family vacation. Kinzie, of Amarillo, and her family’s lives were drastically changed while they were visiting their lake cabin in the Texas panhandle. That vacation would end abruptly as Kinzie was airlifted to a trauma center in Lubbock, Texas, after an off-road vehicle she was riding in flipped over and slid 40 feet with her pinned underneath. Her left arm and right knee were severely injured, and Kinzie’s mom, Michelle, says she feared the outcome of her daughter losing her arm or if her walking would be permanently affected. 

Two weeks before the emergency, Kinzie’s surgeon in Lubbock visited a medical conference where he met Scott Oishi, M.D., FACS, staff hand surgeon and director of the Charles E. Seay, Jr., Center for Excellence in Hand. He referred Kinzie’s family into Oishi’s expert care, and Kinzie was admitted to Scottish Rite for Children where her multidisciplinary team of physicians, surgeons, nurses, psychologists and therapy specialists got to work on her traumatic, complex injuries.

“When we got here, immediately, it was hands-on,” Michelle says. “They wanted to know what they could do for her.” That expertise and certainty made the entire family take their first sigh of relief since the wreck. “To walk in and to feel like people really cared, really wanted to help, and they wanted to make sure she was as comfortable as she could get,” Michelle says. “You could just tell it was different. It felt like a warm place to be.”

Today, thanks to her Scottish Rite team’s determination and Kinzie’s hard work in physical and occupational therapy, Kinzie is back to doing activities she loves like riding her bike, playing softball and taking photos. Kinzie’s providers kept her active and engaged in her treatment while ensuring she and her family were cared for and comfortable. “Scottish Rite didn’t just make me physically better but also mentally better,” Kinzie says. “It’s helpful knowing that so many people care for you here. That’s really what patients need, and that’s what they give you.”

What to Know Before You Go
Off-road vehicles like ATVs, golf carts, UTVs and motorcycles are fun, but they can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Check out these tips to help riders stay safe while using them:
  • Drivers should be trained to operate the vehicle safely.
  • Follow the speed limit.
  • Know your surroundings and the road conditions, and drive accordingly.
  • Take turns cautiously, especially on hills or slopes.
  • Do not try to show off by attempting stunts or high-risk maneuvers.
  • Keep arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.
  • Wear a helmet and seat belt.
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