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International Leader in Hand and Upper Extremity Care - Christine A. Ho, M.D.

As Division Director of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery at Children’s Health, Christine A. Ho, M.D., provides exceptional care to patients and leadership and guidance for Children’s Health pediatric orthopedic surgery team. Ho is also a staff hand surgeon at Scottish Rite for Children.
Growing up in Wichita Falls, Ho went to MIT for mechanical engineering with a minor in biology. “I enjoyed the way engineers think and that plays well in orthopedics.” When she arrived at medical school at UT Southwestern Medical Center, some mentors she encountered said that because of her interests in engineering, she should look into orthopedics, and she began a pursuit to learn more in the field. Once Ho witnessed her first orthopedic surgery, she knew she’d found something she would love.
Dr. Ho received her medical degree from UT Southwestern Medical Center. She completed her internship and residency in orthopedic surgery at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and then made her way back to her home state. She was a Scottish Rite Dorothy and Bryant Edwards Pediatric Orthopedic Fellow in 2005, and she continued at Scottish Rite specializing further in the pediatric hand surgery fellowship in 2006. She was hired by Scottish Rite for Children after finalizing her fellowships and has been at Scottish Rite and Children’s for 15 years. She is also a clinical associate professor of orthopedic surgery at UT Southwestern. Dr. Ho is a member of the Pediatric Orthopedic Society of North America and the American Orthopaedic Association.

From congenital issues to traumatic injuries, Ho specializes in surgical reconstruction for the pediatric hand and upper limb. “As surgeons, we know it’s not always only about the pediatric orthopedic challenges that we diagnose in clinic or treat in the operating room,” Christine says. “We also know that we need to treat the psychosocial aspects of our patients, and at Scottish Rite, we really do treat the whole patient – mind, body and spirit – and work with their family through the complete process.”
Her role at Children’s serves children from around the state. “I still enjoy doing trauma, and as division director of the Level-1 Trauma Center at Children’s Health Dallas, I’m doing more trauma now than five years ago,” Ho says. “I really enjoy putting things back together, and I enjoy saying to families, ‘you don’t need to come see me anymore, and your child can go back to doing everything.’ There’s something very satisfying about that.”
Ho is not only an accomplished surgeon but also an excellent educator and astute researcher. She has authored and co-authored publications for many publications including as section editor of Pediatrics for American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery (AAOS) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) journal Pediatrics. She’s also American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Fellow, 2011 - present; OrthoInfo Editorial Board, 2022 - present; Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America, Active Member, 2011 – present, on the Nominating Committee, 2019 - 20 and Social Media Committee, 2017 – present. She’s also a part of QSVI Committee, Upper Extremity, 2017 - present. Chair, 2021-2023; American Orthopaedic Association, Fellow, 2018-present; American Academy of Pediatrics, Fellow, 2014-present; Executive Committee, section of Orthopaedics, 2019-present; Chair, Policy & Publications Committee, 2019-present; Pediatric Hand Study Group, 2011-present; Orthopaedic Trauma Association, 2012-present; American Association for Hand Surgery, active member, 2014-present.

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