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Mar 31, 2017 / Fractures

Learn About Our Fracture Clinic Before You Need Us

At Scottish Rite Hospital, we treat children with conditions from the common to the complex. Through our world-renowned patient care and ongoing dedication to research, we are able to treat each child with an individualized care plan to get them back to being active. Our Fracture Clinic, located in our North Campus, specializes in evaluating growing bones and how to respond to injuries. Through the expertise of our multidisciplinary team and our research in fractures, we can determine the best treatment approach for each patient.

Many patients that come to our clinic live very active lifestyles, competing in sports and daily activities. It is our priority to determine a plan that will allow each child to return to their activities safely and stronger than before. Depending on the fracture, our research allows us to look at both surgical and nonsurgical options.

Twin brothers arrived in our Fracture Clinic with an interesting story. Both of the boys broke their collarbone (clavicle) while snowboarding on a family vacation. Carsen and Cameron, both 13 from Midlothian, were relieved that neither of them needed surgery. Although they are taking a “break” from high-impact activities for a little while, our team can ensure that once they have finished healing properly, we will have them back to being kids.

Some patients with a collarbone fracture may need to have surgery. Our team, with the help of patients like Carsen and Cameron, is participating in a large research study of children and adolescents with clavicle fractures. By following young patients through their care and recovery, we can help define the evidence-based recommendations for optimal care depending on remaining years of growing and other factors.

Bumps and bruises are sometimes a normal part of kids being kids! However, if your child breaks a bone, you may call our Fracture Clinic directly at 469-515-7200. Learn more about our Fracture Clinic.


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