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Jul 13, 2018 / Limb Lengthening

Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Team Present the Hospital's Latest Research at Scientific Meeting

Doctors and researchers from Scottish Rite Hospital are in San Francisco, California attending the 27th Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society (LLRS) annual scientific meeting. Established in 1989, LLRS is a medical organization focused on education and research regarding limb lengthening and reconstruction, complex fracture treatment and deformity correction. Members from the hospital’s Center for Excellence in Limb Lengthening are highly engaged with this group to provide innovative care to this patient population. 

As an institution, Scottish Rite Hospital is world-renowned for its work in limb lengthening and reconstruction. Staff from our orthopedic and research teams travel the globe to educate other specialists on the best treatment options for patients with a limb length deformity. The center utilizes a unique multidisciplinary team approach which involves orthopedic surgeons, psychologists, physical/occupational therapists and researchers with various backgrounds to provide patient-centered care. The conferences that our staff attend throughout the year, both nationally and internationally, gives the team the opportunity to share their latest research.

This year, the hospital has nine accepted projects that are being presented at LLRS. Below is the research selected for presentation:
  • Circular External Fixation: Effect of Dynamization Modules on Bone Segment Vertical and Lateral Displacement
  • Comparative Performance of Conventional Drills and Drills with Controlled Advancement and Real Time Feedback
  • Effect of Controlled Axial Dynamization on Experimental Midshaft Tibial Fracture Healing on Goats: Preliminary Results
  • Fibular Osteotomy Techniques: LLRS Survey Results
  • Gait Analysis in Children with Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency
  • Hexapod Frame Mounting Parameters Comparison of Different Measurement Techniques
  • Long Term Functional and Psychological Outcomes of Patients Undergoing Femoral Lengthening Using the Illizarov Technique
  • Patient Reported Activity Outcomes Do Not Correlate with Objective Measures of Activity
  • Results of Physeal Bar Resection at a Single Pediatric Institution  
Co-director of the center and pediatric orthopedic surgeon, David A. Podeszwa, M.D., recognizes the impact the hospital has with this patient population. “A child who is needing a limb length or reconstruction surgery requires a care team that includes various backgrounds and specialties,” says Podeszwa. “The exchange of knowledge at meetings like this allow us to apply the latest technology and treatment to the care of our patients. We are privileged to have such talented experts at our institution, both on the clinical and research side, to provide the best care possible to these patients and their families.” 

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