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Jul 19, 2019 / Research & Innovation

Limb Lengthening Team Has Strong Showing at Annual Research Meeting

Throughout the year, doctors and researchers travel the world to share the hospital’s latest innovations. This week, staff are in Boston, MA attending the 28th annual Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society (LLRS) scientific meeting. Founded in 1989 as the Association for the Study and Application of Methods of Ilizarov, LLRS was established to cultivate collaboration, education and research to advance the treatment for patients with various limb deformities. 

The hospital’s Center for Excellence in Limb Lengthening includes a unique multidisciplinary team, many of which are active members of LLRS. Each year, staff from the hospital present research and contribute throughout the meeting as moderators. The hospital is proud to have five projects selected for presentation this year. Those include:
  • Comparison of the White‐Menelaus and Anderson‐Green Predictions of Growth Remaining in the Distal Femur and Proximal Tibia
  • Effect of Wire Tip Design and Material on the Wire Temperature During Drilling
  • Reverse Dynamization Accelerated Bone Healing in a Large Animal Osteotomy Model
  • Dysplasia Epiphysealis Hemimelica of the Lower Extremity: A 47‐Year Multi‐Institutional Review
  • X‐ray Calibration for Orthopedic Procedures
Co-director of the center and pediatric orthopedic surgeon David A. Podeszwa, M.D., understands the importance of collaborating with others in the field to bring better care to this patient population. “Our team who cares for these children are one of a kind,” says Podeszwa. “From researchers, to the nurses, the psychologists and the surgeons – we are committed to caring for the whole child. We travel the globe teaching and learning from other specialists about the innovative treatment techniques to make sure these patients receive the best care possible.”

Learn more about the research conducted in the Center for Excellence in Limb Lenthening. 

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