Kirsten presenting at annual clinical research conference

Nov 22, 2019 / Research & Innovation

Local Research Professionals Gather for Collaborative Conference

Today, our team is honored to host the Annual Clinical Research Conference: Why Our Work in Research Matters. In its ninth consecutive year, this one-day conference brings together four institutions from the Dallas area – Scottish Rite Hospital, Children’s Health, Parkland and UT Southwestern Medical Center. All exceptional centers focused on research and innovation, this unique program harnesses collaboration and showcases the impact clinical research has on the respective patient populations each hospital treats.

Attendees include researcher professionals, physicians, nurses and allied health professionals who are interested in or are currently conducting research within their roles. The purpose of the program is to help identify opportunities for innovative study design, streamline study workflow and efficiently conduct multidisciplinary research studies to improve patient care. 

The conference includes presentations from influential staff members from each institution. Division Director of Movement Science, Kirsten Tulchin-Francis, Ph.D., is sharing her expertise and is representing Scottish Rite Hospital this year. As a leader within her field, the research from the movement science lab continues to elevate the type of projects conducted and has a direct effect on impacting patient care across multiple disciplines. 

Director of clinical research Adriana De La Rocha, Ph.D., is proud to be a part of an initiative that brings together some of the most innovative individuals from the local medical community. “This conference is something I look forward to each year,” says De La Rocha. “It is a remarkable opportunity for our team, and those from the other institutions, to come together and learn from each other. Each year brings new ideas and collaborations to ultimately advance research and bring better care to the different patient populations.”

Learn more about the research conducted at Scottish Rite Hospital.  

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