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Apr 03, 2017 / Sports Medicine

Mental Preparation for Competition

Sports involve a balance of physical fitness, sport-specific skills, commitment and mental toughness. Athletes dedicate many hours of physical training to prepare for competition; however, many do not dedicate enough time to mental readiness.

To maximize performance on “game day,” try including these key elements in your mental preparation:

  • Positive attitude: Practice saying optimistic and encouraging things to yourself to boost confidence.
  • Plan and visualize: Imagine a play or visualize a successful shot to help improve performance.
  • Consider obstacles: To avoid getting distracted, take time to plan how you will handle and overcome potential challenges such as bad weather or schedule changes.
  • Game-day routine: Develop a preperformance routine to improve focus and help you stay on track every game day. A consistent preperformance routine boosts confidence and lets you know you are ready to go. For example, an athlete may prep for each game day by eating breakfast at a certain time, listening to music to relax during travel, visualizing their performance while standing on sideline before the game, etc.

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