Patient, Olivia, poses during the brand campaign shoot.

Mar 28, 2018 / General News

Move Freely: Helping Kids' Bodies Move as Freely as Their Spirits

By Ruth Ann Hensley

IT’S LIKELY THAT ONE OF the first things you do each morning is stretch. The act of stretching helps awaken the body and sends a message to your muscles, joints and bones that it’s time to get moving. The gesture seems benign. In fact, you probably don’t give it much thought. But for many children we serve, movement is a very big deal, indeed. The ability to rise from a chair, walk across a room or climb a flight of stairs are victories. The ability to propel oneself through the world signals independence, fuels confidence and embodies freedom. 

Since 1921, Scottish Rite Hospital has been helping children achieve this liberty of motion that most of us take for granted. We wrote the book on pediatric orthopedics and this year, we are defining it — literally. 

To that end, we are debuting an educational phase of the brand campaign we launched in 2014. It illustrates our role as world-renowned experts in treating muscles, joints and bones. At Scottish Rite Hospital, we are defining pediatric orthopedics every day in the hope that one day, children everywhere can move freely.
“We see patients from around the world, although it’s highly likely many people in the local community don’t know what we do,” explains Daniel J. Sucato, M.D., M.S., chief of staff. “Pediatric orthopedics is a specialty area and a broad one. Yes, we treat complex cases like spinal deformities, for example, but we also treat things like sprains and fractures.” 

The hospital provides a large scope of orthopedic services through its six centers for excellence. Within each center, there is an emphasis on research, education and developing advanced treatment methods for the conditions we treat. Each one concentrates on an orthopedic specialty, including scoliosis and spine, hip disorders, clubfoot and foot conditions, limb length discrepancies, hand differences and sports medicine.

“We are excited to inform a large audience of people throughout this region and beyond about the services and expertise we have available,” Sucato says. 

The brand campaign the hospital is launching this spring will do precisely that through a combination of television, print, digital, radio and outdoor media. Another point shared in this messaging is the hospital’s expertise in the pediatric area of orthopedics. 

“Unlike an adult, the treatment approach can have long-term effects in children and adolescents as they mature,” explains Philip L. Wilson, M.D., assistant chief of staff and director of the Center for Excellence in Sports Medicine. “That’s why it’s so important for kids to receive expert care that’s tailored to their musculoskeletal development.” 

Three of our patients will represent the hospital’s services in the new brand campaign, “Move Freely.” Olivia, age 12, of Grapevine, is an aspiring ballerina whose future performances were in jeopardy, due to scoliosis. Thanks to a non-invasive, physical-therapybased treatment approach, she is back on stage and right en pointe. 

Sports medicine patient and competitive soccer player, Zachary, age 9, of Allen, was enjoying his favorite pastime when he injured his right knee. After surgery, recovery and physical rehabilitation, he is once again on the field and back in the game. 

And finally, Marlee, age 5, of Dallas, went through two surgeries and two rounds of casting to temporarily immobilize her lower body, a treatment for hip dysplasia. Today, she is a body in constant motion, especially on the playground. 

The iconic crayon in the hospital’s logo also plays a role in the campaign. It creates colorful, continuous line drawings that complement each patient’s journey. 

“When we create a greater awareness about our expertise and the services we provide, it creates a ripple effect,” Sucato says. “For example, we travel nationally and internationally to share our research and collaborate with other institutions. We educate future orthopedic surgeons through our fellowship program. All of these things improve the standard of care for children with orthopedic conditions, locally
and around the world.” 

Whether a child’s dream is to take the stage, take the field or simply take a trip to the playground, Scottish Rite Hospital is there every step of the way. We’re world-renowned experts in treating muscles, joints and bones for a reason. Because when we keep moving our field forward, kids are free to do the things that move them.

Watch the commercials. 

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