Neurology team attending the TSC conference.

Jul 27, 2018 / Research & Innovation

Neurology Team Attends the 2018 World Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Conference

This week, members from our Neurology team are attending the 2018 World TSC Conference in Dallas, Texas. Hosted by the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance and the Tuberous Sclerosis Complex International, the four-day meeting brings together those diagnosed with TSC, their families, researchers and various health care providers to learn about the latest treatment and innovative research. This annual conference allows for families impacted by TSC to meet with one another as a support community.

Throughout the meeting, staff from the Neurology team are involved by giving presentations and serving as moderators. Medical Director of Neurology Steven Sparagana, M.D., is heavily involved with this group as he also serves as the director of the Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Clinic here at the hospital. He has been selected to speak during two sessions:
  • Other Manifestations: Bone, Liver, Ovarian, Pancreas, Teeth, Spine and Heart
  • Genetics, Biosamples, Natural History Data and Potential for Personalized Medicine
In addition to presentations and break-out sessions on topics relating to the latest treatment techniques for TSC, another large component of the conference is the collection of research data. Members from the hospital’s neurology research team are in attendance to gather cheek tissue cells for the TSC Biosample Repository project. The repository includes DNA samples linked to TSC. Our researchers study the data to better understand the condition and why it varies from patient to patient.

As an institution, the innovative research conducted by the Neurology department is helping to advance the care for patients diagnosed with these complex diseases. It is specialized meetings like the TSC conference that allow our staff to share their expertise while also being able to collect research data to help our patients as well as patients around the world. 

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