Orthopedic and Research Teams Make an Impact at Annual Pediatric Orthopedics Meeting

May 11, 2018 / Research & Innovation

Orthopedic and Research Teams Make an Impact at Annual Pediatric Orthopedics Meeting

This week, members from our orthopedic and research teams are in Austin, Texas attending the 2018 Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA) annual meeting. POSNA is one of the most distinguished medical associations within pediatric orthopedics that is dedicated to advancing the standard of care for children through research, education, quality and safety. This four-day meeting includes specialists from around the U.S. to share the latest research and treatment techniques to bring better care to children with orthopedic conditions.

The meeting begins with an educational pre-course titled, “Natural History in Pediatric Orthopaedics: How Good is the Data on Which We Base our Decisions?” This one-day course includes presentations and case discussions regarding the history of treatment options for limb deformity, hip, spine and sports conditions. Scottish Rite Hospital’s Assistant Chief of Staff and past POSNA president Lori A. Karol, M.D. is sharing her expertise on the history of early onset scoliosis.

With over 1,400 members in attendance, current staff and past fellows of the hospital have the opportunity to collaborate with one another and share latest innovations. This year’s meeting had a record 865 submitted abstracts from institutions across the country. Of those abstracts, over 250 were selected for presentation throughout the conference as either a podium, poster or e-poster. Scottish Rite Hospital has a strong presence with 26 total projects – 17 podiums and 9 poster presentations. Chief of Staff and At-Large Board Member for POSNA Daniel J. Sucato, M.D., M.S. looks forward to this meeting each year, “POSNA is one of the most impactful educational and research meetings our staff attends all year,” says Sucato. “As a medical association dedicated to advancing care specifically for pediatric orthopedics, it is a time for our experts to truly shine. We have an opportunity to be a significant influence within our specialty to address the complexity of the conditions we treat and ultimately bring better care to children around the world.” Podium and poster projects in the following areas are being presented:
  • Sports Medicine
  • Trauma
  • Musculoskeletal Infection
  • Spine
  • Hip
  • Foot
  • Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction
Throughout the four-day meeting, orthopedic staff are also participating with the various educational courses offered. POSNA provides a well-rounded program in all areas of pediatric orthopedics and staff have the opportunity to educate fellow medical professionals within their specialty. Several of our spine doctors are taking part in debate sessions regarding certain scoliosis topics. Additionally, staff are involved with master technique sessions, specialty specific case discussions and as moderators throughout the conference. 

In addition, the hospital received four research grants and awards from POSNA. With 10 different categories, Scottish Rite Hospital was chosen to receive four out of the 10 awards for projects focused on hip preservation, scoliosis and Perthes disease. The grants awarded to the hospital include:

2018 KUO Memorial Research Award
Medical Director of Ambulatory Care, Brandon A. Ramo, M.D.
“Health Related Quality of Life Outcomes in Patients with Early-Onset Scoliosis”

2018 POSNA Directed Research Grant
Director of Research, Harry Kim, M.D.
“Prospective, International Multi-centered Registry of Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease”

2018 POSNA Clinical Research Grant
Chief of Staff, Daniel J. Sucato, M.D., M.S.
“Functional and Gait Outcomes of Hip Preservation Surgery in Adolescents with Femoroacetabular Impingement/Acetabular Dysplasia at 5 to 10 Year Follow-up” 

2018 POSNA/Zimmer Biomet Spine Research Grant
Assistant Chief of Staff Emeritus, John G. Birch, M.D.
“Determination of the Incidence & Nature of Lumbosacropelvic Deformity in Presumed Idiopathic Scoliosis Using a Novel Technique of MR Sequence & Workstation 3D Reconstruction” 

As an institution, Scottish Rite Hospital is proud to be recognized as a leader within pediatric orthopedics. The hospital’s research continues to drive the innovation for the care of the patients. POSNA is one of the many medical associations that allows our staff to collaborate with experts from across the globe to bring better care to children everywhere. 

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