Sep 02, 2021 / Rheumatology

Reflections of Love

Published in Rite Up, 2021 – Issue 2. 

“Everything I do is a reflection of my love for others and the world around me,” Scottish Rite for Children patient Sapna says. “Compassion and gratitude guide my life, and while I embrace big ideas, I also lead with my heart.”
Padma, Sapna’s mom, encourages her daughter’s creativity. “Not only is she friendly and artistic, but she is extremely hardworking and passionate in everything that she does,” Padma says.
When Sapna shared with her parents that she was experiencing issues like numbness and pain in her hands, the family consulted with pediatric rheumatologist Lorien A. Nassi, M.D., at Scottish Rite for Children. After confirming juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, they got to work getting Sapna better.
“Sapna is one of those people that encompasses the best of us,” Nassi says. “I have no doubt that she will make a meaningful difference in the lives of those fortunate enough to meet her.”
Frequently children with arthritis present with difficulties moving their joints or with swelling. Pain is often not their initial complaint. Parents should schedule a visit with a pediatric orthopedist if their child experiences symptoms, such as limping or problems with handwriting, fever, rashes, swollen joints or weakness and weight loss.
“After I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, I became more aware of the privilege of my hands,” Sapna says. “I love to express myself through writing and art, but sometimes the pain would be so intense I felt like it was holding me back from my passions.”
After finding the right treatment and support from Nassi and the Rheumatology team, Sapna has continued to show her beautiful heart and extreme talent by recently creating a children’s book about the environment that she both wrote and illustrated.
“Not only did I immediately feel accepted for who I am and what was going on, but when I am with Dr. Nassi, I know that she will always take the time to listen to my concerns,” Sapna says. ”She treats me like a person, not just a patient.”

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