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Jan 17, 2018 / Research & Innovation

Scottish Rite Hospital and UT Southwestern Collaborate on New Seminar Series

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and UT Southwestern Medical Center are excited to introduce the new Seminar in Translational Orthopedic Research and Medicine (STORM). This new seminar series will highlight innovative and groundbreaking clinical and basic-science research that will change our understanding of orthopedic disorders and discover new therapies.

Today, Sean Morrison, Ph.D. is presenting the inaugural STORM lecture at Scottish Rite Hospital. Morrison is the Director of the Children’s Medical Center Research Institute at UT Southwestern, an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Professor of Pediatrics at UT Southwestern. His laboratory studies the mechanisms required to maintain stem cells and how these cells contribute to health and disease. His lecture is titled “Skeletal Stem Cells and New Osteogenic Mechanisms.” 

Scottish Rite Hospital’s Assistant Director of Molecular Genetics Jonathan J. Rios, Ph.D. is coordinating the STORM lecture series. “This new seminar series is an example of how we are collaborating with UTSW to advance translational orthopedic research” says Rios. “Our goal is to change the future of orthopedic care through innovative and collaborative research. Morrison’s laboratory is tackling the most challenging scientific questions and we are excited to have him at Scottish Rite Hospital for the inaugural STORM lecture.” 

Learn more about our Sarah M. & Charles E. Seay Center for Musculoskeletal Research. 

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