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Aug 18, 2016 / Limb Lengthening

Scottish Rite Hospital Announces New Patents

Our Center for Excellence in Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction has recently received two new patents. The patents are related to critical components of the TL-HEX external fixation device, which is used for patients undergoing limb lengthening and reconstruction treatment. The device has the capability to perform multiple corrections to the bone simultaneously, including lengthening, rotation and compression. 

With these recent innovations to the device, the hospital now has more than 25 patents. That number is expected to grow with the hospital’s ongoing research initiatives. These advancements reflect how Scottish Rite Hospital’s research efforts continually improve treatment methods for children with orthopedic conditions here and around the world.

For more information on our Center for Excellence in Limb Lengthening & Reconstruction, please visit our Limb Lengthening page.


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