Orthopedic staff, graduating residents and visiting professor at the Charles F. Gregory Memorial Lectureship.

Jun 22, 2018 / Research & Innovation

Scottish Rite Hospital Honors UTSW Orthopedic Residents at the Charles F. Gregory Memorial Lectureship

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children is hosting the Charles F. Gregory Memorial Lectureship to honor the graduates of UT Southwestern Medical School’s (UTSW) orthopedic surgery residency program. This annual lectureship was established in honor of Charles F. Gregory, M.D., Chairman of Orthopedic Surgery at UTSW from 1956 to 1976. During his time as chairman, his dedication to postgraduate education led him to develop a program to enhance the experience and knowledge of the orthopedic residents each year. 

Orthopedic residents of UTSW complete clinical rotations at affiliated hospitals including Scottish Rite Hospital, Children’s Health and Parkland Hospital. Each year, the residents have the opportunity to learn and be mentored for six months with Scottish Rite Hospital’s expert orthopedic staff. During their time at the hospital, they receive guided clinical and surgical instruction from our doctors. Additionally, the residency class works closely with our research team and are involved with various projects. 

This year’s visiting professor is Colonel James Ficke, M.D., F.A.C.S. Ficke serves as a Robert A. Robinson Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at The Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Medicine and is the Director of Orthopedic Surgery. The one-day lectureship includes presentations from the visiting professor and the graduating residents. With a total of eleven projects being presented from the trainees, eight are generated from clinical investigations performed at Scottish Rite Hospital. Director of resident education, Anthony I. Riccio, M.D., oversees the UTSW orthopedic residents during their rotation at the hospital. “All of the staff at Scottish Rite Hospital are honored to have the opportunity to play a major role in the training of the orthopedic residents each year,” says Riccio. “As an institution, we are committed to education and research. As these residents come and go through our doors, I know that our orthopedic staff are preparing and developing them at a pivotal time during their training.”

Research projects from Scottish Rite Hospital include:
  • “Opioid Prescribing Practices in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Surgery”
  • “Financial Analysis of Closed Femur Fractures in 3 to 6-year-olds Treated with Immediate Spica Casting Versus Intramedullary Fixation”
  • “Biomechanical Testing of Screw Constructs and Materials for Peri-acetabular Osteotomy (PAO): Can we Allow Immediate Weight Bearing?”
  • “Size Matters: Which Adolescent Patients are Most Likely to Require Surgical Decompression for Lumbar Disk Herniation?”
  • “Does a Delay in Treatment of the Displaced Lateral Condyle Fracture in Pediatrics Increase the RIsk for Complications”
  • “Prone Versus Supine Positioning in Pediatric Medial Epicondyle Fractures”
  • “Comparison of the Accuracy of Moseley and Rotterdam Straight-Line Graphs in the Prediction of Leg Length Discrepancy at Maturity and Timing of Epiphysiodesis”
  • “Anatomy versus Activity: A Comparison of Capitellar OCDs in Gymnasts and Pitchers” 
Scottish Rite Hospital is proud of its collaborative relationship is has with UTSW through the orthopedic residency program. The Charles R. Gregory Memorial Lectureship provides both institutions the opportunity to share innovative research as well as shine light on the hard work completed by the graduating residents. It is programs like this that continue the hospital’s legacy of training the medical professionals of the future. 

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