Banana and cereal are nutritious snacks.

Jul 06, 2017 / Sports Medicine

Sending your kids to sports camp this summer?

We’ve got expert advice from our dietitian for packing for lunches and snacks for those long, and sometimes hot, days!

There are three things to consider:

What will provide quick energy?
Look for foods that contain primarily carbohydrates that fuel the brain and muscles quickly. Also look for foods that have electrolytes that help replace those lost during long workouts

What will provide lasting energy?
Look for foods that contain carbohydrates, protein and a little fat, providing lasting fuel to the brain and muscles.

What will help hydrate?
Look for foods that have additional water content that helps supplement water breaks and and keep athletes hydrated.

Print a copy of this handout (English l Spanish) to take with you on your next shopping trip. It is full of ideas to meet each of these needs. And don’t forget to take your child to help you choose foods that fuel. Young athletes need help planning ahead and these early lessons on fueling for sports will go a long way toward health and success for the long run. For information about injury prevention and pediatric sports medicine, please visit our website at

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