Patient, Alysah, receives her purple cast

Dec 11, 2018 / Fractures

Share Your Story: Alysah, the Supergirl!

Meet Alysah, a Fracture Clinic patient who was placed in a cast while a broken bone healed. Learn more about her journey to recovery below.

Blog written by Alysah's mother, Alzena, of Cedar Hill. 

Our 7-year-old daughter, Alysah Gabrielle, is the second of our four children. From the time she was hospitalized at just two weeks old, she’s proven to be a super girl.

Alysah has always been resilient and feels that she can conquer anything.

Recently, Alysah was playing on the school playground when she fell off of the swing and landed on her right hand. Thank goodness she is a lovely lefty. The school nurse was concerned about her hand, but Alysah didn’t appear to be in distress at that time. We let her finish the school day, but as soon as I picked her up from school, Alysah said that her hand was starting to hurt. 
We initially thought that, since she wasn’t in excruciating pain, she would be fine. Each day after school she drinks a bottle of water, but that day she wasn’t able to grip the top to open the bottle. It was then that I knew she was injured. 
After taking her to an urgent care, we were told that she needed to see a pediatric orthopedic doctor. Without hesitation, we set up an appointment at Scottish Rite for Children and, thankfully, we were able to get an appointment for the next morning.  Alysah was told that she needed to be casted and her only question was whether she could still play soccer or not. She’s very active, loves sports and is an avid dancer. The Fracture Clinic experts told her she could play soccer, as long as she wrapped her cast in bubble wrap.
The same day that the cast was placed, she had her first Vocal Motion Choir performance at school. This choir dances and sings, so we were afraid that the movement might be painful, but thankfully the injury didn’t slow her down and she was able to dance without any pain! She proceeded to play the hand drum for her district choir showcase and also played three soccer games – all while wearing her favorite purple, bubble wrapped cast!
Alysah’s teacher allowed her peers to sign the purple cast and she was all smiles. Alysah continues to enjoy running, soccer, basketball and Praise dancing. She enjoys racing her older sister, as well as her younger sister and brother.

Scottish Rite for Children has helped our family more than once. Our son Geordon also suffered a fracture earlier this year after an unusual fall against a bed. Once again, the Fracture Clinic experts took great care of us. Throughout both of our experiences, we were extremely confident in each child’s treatment plan and their recovery processes were very smooth.

Scottish Rite for Children is an amazing place.

You are always greeted with smiling faces - from the front desk to the nurse placing the cast. The doctors are kid-friendly and allow the patients to ask as many questions that as they may have. We trust and highly recommend this great place for the care of your children. 



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