Patient Connor, playing high school football

Sep 01, 2023 / Scoliosis & Spine

Share Your Story: Connor's Comeback

Meet Connor, a strong and determined athlete whose journey with Scottish Rite for Children began when he was just 10 years old. His scoliosis was first noticed by his mom when she noticed his clothes hung differently. She asked his pediatrician, who referred them to Scottish Rite spine experts. Visiting Chief of Staff Dr. Dan Sucato, Connor's scoliosis was identified as a 30-degree curve at the time, prompting regular monitoring every six months.

As Connor grew and got more into school sports, his scoliosis curve increased too. His curve was 60 degrees, causing him discomfort. Frustrated with the limitations his condition imposed, Connor decided at 15 that he was ready for a change and opted for surgery.

Last summer, Connor underwent spinal fusion surgery. He spent three nights recovering in our inpatient unit. The support he received from our medical team eased his worries, making him feel at ease about the surgery. His quick recovery amazed everyone, allowing him to celebrate his 16th birthday with friends just two weeks later.

The transformation was remarkable. His shoulders were even, and his T-shirts fit properly. His dedication to recuperation and determination to regain his active lifestyle paid off. With his scoliosis corrected, Connor joyfully rejoined the high school junior varsity football team and played in his first game after taking a year off.

But it wasn't just the surgery. Connor found comfort at Scottish Rite, from our yummy popcorn to our caring staff who he says felt like family to him. Dr. Sucato didn't just fix his scoliosis; he brought back normalcy. With no more limping due to his hip pain, Connor got his life back. He's loving football, golf, hiking and rafting. Watching sports and eating out with friends now brings him joy, as he embraces his new freedom without limitations.

Connor looks forward to a future filled with possibilities, unencumbered by his past challenges. As he gears up for a thrilling football season, we cannot help but beam with pride at his incredible perseverance. We're cheering you on, Connor, as you make touchdown after touchdown both on and off the field!



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