Patient, Cooper, at the Frisco campus

Mar 24, 2020 / Fractures

Share Your Story: Cooper's Big Break

Meet Cooper, she was placed in a cast by our experts in the Fracture Clinic while a broken bone healed. Learn more about her journey to recovery below.

Blog written by Cooper's mother, Delanie, of Dallas. 

A couple of months ago, my daughter Cooper fell at school and hurt her arm. She remained extremely calm the entire time, so we really had no idea the extent of her injury.  
We went to a "quick" ER that took X-rays and then we were sent to a traditional ER in a hospital. After her exam, they told us that she needed to be sedated and put under to have her arm reset. It took two different attempts and she ended up getting sick from the medicine.  
The next day we followed up with an orthopedic surgeon who immediately wanted to operate on her arm. We decided to seek a second opinion and that is how we ended up at the Scottish Rite Fracture Clinic. After having been in so many waiting rooms and seeing several different doctors, Cooper was incredibly anxious.

The fracture clinic was a breath of fresh air. 

Gerad Montgomery was able to treat Cooper non-operatively, which was wonderful. From the check-in process to the time she was casted, everything was exceptional. The time, energy, resources and thought that goes into your experience is all done with your child in mind. Even if you do not live close to the Fracture Clinic, I tell everyone it is worth the drive to Frisco.  
Everyone you come into contact with - technicians, receptionists, nurses - everyone is genuine and adapts their conversation with you and your child, making sure you feel reassured and better about what is going on.  
I know that it might sound funny but being around the people at Scottish Rite made us happy. We had such a great experience there, that I can say we both were sad when the process was over and we would not be able to see Mr. Ricky anymore! Cooper is currently doing great and is back to doing what she loves - playing at the park, riding her bike, basketball and gymnastics.



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