Mar 24, 2022 / Prosthetics & Orthotics

Share Your Story: Life Changing Experiences

Meet EJ - a patient who is seen by our multidisciplinary team of experts. Learn more about his journey below.

Blog written by E.J.'s mom, Rashaunette.

This is Elijah, or E. J., as we sometimes call him. He is an amazing toddler who is strong, loving, silly, smart and always down to play, explore and learn new things. He loves to watch his favorite cartoons, laugh with his little brother and spend time with his family. A few months after his birth, he was diagnosed with a rare condition called tibial hemimelia, where one of the bones in his leg is shorter than the other. His doctor in Temple, Texas, referred us to Scottish Rite for Children, and since January 2000, we have been coming to this wonderful place to see Dr. Herring

We all are so pleased and very thankful for all the incredible life-changing experiences, help and support that Scottish Rite provides to our family. In addition to E. J.’s multiple clinic visits, he has had two different surgeries. No matter the occasion, doctors, nurses, therapists and all other staff members are always overly supportive, knowledgeable, welcoming and accommodating. For that, we will always love, cherish and respect the Scottish Rite organization. 

In December, E. J. received his second prosthesis and then started doing weekly physical therapy sessions. We have high hopes of him soon being able to walk, run and live his life to the fullest! With Scottish Rite’s help, I know that he will continue to grow and thrive in all aspects of his life. He is the most amazing kid, and I am so thankful that Scottish Rite gives beautiful children like him the opportunity to have their childhood. 



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