Callie on a horse

Apr 23, 2019 / Spotlight

Share Your Story: Little Warrior Princess

Meet Callie, a patient who is treated by our Prosthetics experts. Learn more about her journey below.

Blog written by Callie's mom, Jaime, of San Antonio. 

Callie Grace is our little warrior princess. She was born with a congenital heart defect called Tetrology of Fallot and underwent open heart surgery at just three days old. She was also born missing one of her lower leg bones and at the age of 18 months, we made the decision to amputate. We live in San Antonio and were referred to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children because Callie's case was very unusual, and our doctors said that Scottish Rite Hospital was the premier hospital for orthopedic and prosthetics.
After many consultations and prayers, Callie underwent her amputation and became Dr. Johnston’s patient. Her first pink prosthetic leg was built a few months later. When we made the appointment for her first leg, we were told that we would need to stay five days in the hospital for her to learn how to use the new leg. Callie learned how to walk in just two days, and she hasn't stopped since! The physical therapist was impressed she "graduated" so fast! From our doctors and nurses to the popcorn when we come in, the hospital is a fun environment for Callie. She loves to play in Chambers Park, visit the gift shop and check out the fish tanks every visit!

To us, Scottish Rite Hospital means hope.

They took a very scary and life changing situation and made it much easier to navigate. When we were afraid that Callie wouldn't be able to walk, they showed us that she could indeed walk, run, swim, climb the monkey bars and even ride horses.

They gave our daughter a leg to run with and wings to fly with--her confidence and way of life have been dramatically improved by Scottish Rite.

Callie loves to ride horses, swim and play outside. She is a natural artist and loves to color. She loves to play video games with her Dad, go to the movies with her Mom and travel with her family. She is starting to model and is hoping to change the face of beauty one "step" at a time.




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