Peyton in the gym

Nov 12, 2019 / Rheumatology

Share Your Story: Peyton's Progress

Meet Peyton, a patient seen by our rheumatology experts. Learn more about her journey below.

Blog written by Peyton's mom, Amber of Wills Point, TX. 

Our eight-year-old, Peyton, was diagnosed last August with polyarticular juvenile arthritis. Before we knew what was going on, she was in constant pain and we were searching for answers. Many of her joints had become inflamed and the disease had even started to impact her eyes, neck and jaw.
It wasn’t until Peyton was seen by the Rheumatology department at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children that we were able to receive a diagnosis. For the month leading up to that appointment, things had become pretty bad for Peyton. She could barely walk, so we gave her piggyback rides everywhere we went. Despite her struggle, she never became discouraged.
From the moment we got to Scottish Rite Hospital for our appointment with Dr. Nassi, everyone we encountered was awesome. All of the staff and volunteers made sure Peyton always had a smile on her face. And now, no matter the treatment Peyton is going through, the nurses make sure she is happy. We are so grateful to Dr. Nassi and the rest of the rheumatology team.
Since Peyton started receiving her treatment last August, she has made wonderful progress. She is doing great on all of her medications and injections. Peyton has the courage to always push herself, no matter what is happening or how she feels that day. My husband and I own a fitness center and she stays active, even when she may not feel up to it.

I want to tell other people not to give up – there is hope!



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