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Jul 14, 2020 / Spotlight

Share Your Story: Sibling Bond

Meet Blake and Brooke, sibling patients seen by our multidisciplinary team of experts. Learn more about their journey from their mom, Lisa, of Amarillo, TX.

When Blake was 12 years old, he started having unusual symptoms - swelling of the toe, thumb and ankle. We went to several doctors here in Amarillo, TX and none of them could identify what was going on. One of them suggested that we try and get in to see a specialist at Scottish Rite for Children in Dallas.  
Within a couple of months, we were able to get an appointment in the Rheumatology Clinic. The instant we walked in, we felt welcomed and right at home. As nervous as we all were, we felt at ease as soon as we entered the building. Shortly after Blake was examined, he was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. He was given a treatment plan and, every six months, we would make the 12-hour round-trip drive from Amarillo to Dallas. With each visit, his symptoms would improve, and he is now 22 years old and is doing great. Scottish Rite made a horrible situation bearable and allowed us to get Blake the help he needed. I know we would not have received that level of care anywhere else! 
Our daughter, Brooke, is also a Scottish Rite patient and is treated by Dr. Richards for scoliosis. Just like Blake, she was diagnosed at the age of 12. We first went to see several doctors in Amarillo, and they all said the same thing – surgery! I wanted to do what was best for Brooke, but also wanted to explore and see if there were other options. Since Blake was already a patient, Brooke was able to get a rather quick appointment scheduled with Dr. Richards. As soon as we met with him, I felt confident in his knowledge of her condition. He put us all at ease when he told us that she did not need surgery! Her treatment feels like it is a slow process, but I am so happy with the progress she had made. 

We are so very blessed that Scottish Rite has helped both of our children.

We have nothing but wonderful things to say about this organization. They have made all the difference in the world - in the health and well-being of both Blake and Brooke. We can't thank them enough.



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