Patient, Stephen, on his bike

May 07, 2019 / Spotlight

Share Your Story: Stephen's Trek

Meet Stephen, a patient who is treated by our experts in the Center for Excellence in Foot. Learn more about his journey below.

Blog written by Stephen's mom, Misty, of Paris, TX. 

Ever since the age of two, Stephen has had a long medical history of neurological problems and seizures. As the years went by and he become older and more medically stable, he also started to complain of chronic foot pain.
Daily tasks were almost impossible to do. We could not even make a trip to the grocery store that didn’t end with him being in incredible pain and discomfort. With almost any errand that involved walking, I would ultimately find him sitting on the floor because his feet were hurting so much.
I took him to a local orthopedic surgeon with the hope of possibly getting an orthopedic shoe insert to help with the discomfort. The doctor did X-rays and that was when we found out Stephen had extra bones in both of his feet. We were then referred to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.
Stephen is also mildly autistic, therefore communication can sometimes be difficult. Once he was able to communicate with Dr. Riccio about where he was experiencing pain, we were able to come up with a treatment plan. Stephen underwent surgery to remove an extra bone and joint from his more painful foot. Now, with the use of orthotics in his shoes, he is able to walk almost anywhere pain free! He even runs three to six miles, multiple times a week.
Thanks to Scottish Rite Hospital, his quality of life has astronomically increased, and we are incredibly thankful for everything.

Scottish Rite is more than a hospital and their help changed our life.




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