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Aug 06, 2019 / Prosthetics & Orthotics

Share Your Story: Super Tuff

Meet Tuff, a patient seen by our limb difference experts and in the Prosthetics & Orthotics department. Learn more about his journey below.

Blog written by Tuff's mom, Nonnie of Lubbock.  

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children has been a part of our lives since March of 2014. Our son, Tuff, was born without his legs, starting from the knee down, and is also missing part of his left arm. On his right hand, he had four fingers and two of those were webbed together.
Soon after he was born, we had our first visit at Scottish Rite Hospital. We met with hand doctors and it was decided that he would have his webbed fingers surgically separated on his first birthday. The next day, we met with Dr. Herring to determine the path we would take for his legs. He had a series of X-rays taken and after speaking with the doctors, we decided that prostheses would be great for Tuff. He would also be fitted for his first set of prosthetic legs on his first birthday. This was such amazing news!
As soon as we arrived for our first visit, we knew that we were in the right place. The entire staff welcomed us, made sure we all felt comfortable, and everyone provided amazing medical and emotional care

Thanks to Scottish Rite, the support of his entire medical team and the level of care he continues to receive at the hospital, Tuff is able to lead a full and active life.

He loves any and all sports, wants to be a part of every team and enjoys swimming, water activities and playing in the lake. Quite simply, this is an amazing organization to be a part of. 



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