Dec 16, 2021 / Neurology

Share Your Story: Team Cedric

Meet Cedric - a patient who is seen by our multidisciplinary team of experts. Learn more about his journey below.

Blog written by Cedric's mom, Sara.

Cedric is an amazing kid with a heart of gold and a contagious smile. He is a social butterfly, witty, strong and has a head full of beautiful curls that he refuses to cut. He also has a rare condition called Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis and has been a patient at Scottish Rite for Children since he was 15 months old. Cedric does not let this condition slow him down! He is an adaptive athlete with the goal of one day being a Paralympian. He loves to play wheelchair basketball, baseball, wheelchair tennis as well as track and field events, such as shot put, javelin and discus. And he runs with me in his wheelchair. Cedric is literally in sports year-round and loves every bit of it. He loves to travel, to compete, win medals and make friends in the process. 

Outside of sports Cedric battles his condition daily. He fights through the pain and never lets it overcome or defeat him. We make frequent visits to Scottish Rite, and we’re happy that Scottish Rite is our hospital! Doctor visits are typically extremely stressful. While we battle his condition on a daily basis, we are faced with the bleak reality during these appointments. 

We absolutely love Scottish Rite — it’s our second home. His care team is our family, and they help to make these visits less stressful. Cedric enjoys going to Scottish Rite, he’s always greeted by friendly faces and people who have watched him grow up, so it’s always fun. As a parent, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Dr. Christie always eases my mind and make me feel like they have Cedric’s best interest in mind. They listen to our concerns and answer our questions. We’re blessed to be part of a hospital that truly cares about Cedric. With Cedric’s condition being progressive, we will always be fighting the fight, and sometimes we have to adjust and modify our plan and fight differently. With the help of our team at Scottish Rite, Cedric will always triumph, overcome and thrive in all that he does.

Since 2007, the Patient Champion program has enlisted Scottish Rite patients to help encourage and cheer on runners in the BMW Dallas Marathon. Learn more about Cedric from when he served as a 2021 Patient Champion!



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