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Sign Your Site

What is the “Sign Your Site” campaign?
Sign Your Site is a nationwide effort, started by the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), to help reduce the number of wrong-site, wrong-procedure and wrong-patient surgeries. The goal of the campaign is to standardize pre-surgery procedures for verifying the correct patient, the correct procedure and the correct surgical site.  
Prior to surgery, the surgeon will meet with the patient and patient’s family to confirm the correct surgery that is to be performed, plus the correct location for the surgery.  The surgeon signs their initials on the site of where the surgery will be performed, while the patient watches.   
Once the patient is in the operating room, one last “time out” in taken by all members of the surgical team to to double-check all information and confirm the correct patient, correct procedure and correct surgical site.
Important note: The patient MUST be initialed and consents must be completed BEFORE the patient is taken into the operating room. 
Why is this important?

The surgeon’s initials indicate: 
  1. The patient and surgery location are correctly identified 
  2. Everyone on the team understands the procedure 
  3. The correct equipment, implants and devices, are available
This process greatly reduces the risk of having an operation on the wrong body part, having the wrong procedure done or operating on the wrong patient.
What will my doctor ask me?

Your doctor will verify your name, date of birth, what part of your body you are having surgery on and what type of surgery you are having.
What does the doctor use to sign my skin?

The surgeon will often use a single-use surgical marker to write their initials on the patient.
Will it come off?

The marker is easily removed with baby wipes, alcohol swabs or a soap and hot water.
Where can I find more information? 


Which of our surgeon's signed his site prior to surgery?

If you guessed Dr. Scott Oishi, YOU'RE RIGHT!

Dr. Oishi with Kai, 15 months, of Tyler, Texas.

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