Aug 28, 2018 / Spotlight

#SRHaccess Facebook LIVE Recap: Family Resource Center

On last week’s Facebook live, we visited with the Director of Patient Experience, Ashleigh Kinney. She joined us to discuss the Christi Carter Urschel Family Resource Center.  

Watch the live here.

What is the Family Resource Center?
  • The Family Resource Center was a gift from the Christi Carter Urschel Family and will be 20 years old this November.
  • The mission of the Family Resource Center is to provide health information and support resources to patients and families to help them make informed health care decisions and improve their quality of life.
  • Families whose children are diagnosed with medical conditions have many questions, and the center can help find answers. 
  • A medical librarian and a licensed social worker are available to help patients and families locate information and resources. Staff members are available to answer questions about community support groups and external agencies.
  • The center is open to everyone – current patients, former patients and even the public.
  • People come to the center wanting help to navigate issues that are coming up for their family – school, different types of advocacy, transition planning, as well as helping families connect with different resources, outside of the hospital.
  • The center offers medical interpreters and translators, to those needing assistance.  The hospital has Spanish speaking staff on site, plus are able to contract with outside agencies to meet the needs of 300+ languages.
How do patients get connected to the FRC? 
  • Patients can self-refer, if they are already at the hospital for a clinic appointment.
  • Families are also told about the center, upon check-in, and parents often utilize the small business center.
  • People can be referred directly from clinic, to the resource center, for education or additional information from the consumer health librarian and/or the social worker.
  • Referrals also happen through the electronic record system.
  • Since the center has been around for almost 20 years, lots of people hear about it through word of mouth.  It has a good reputation for being a place with helpful people. 
Family Resource Center - Peer Support Program
  • The consumer health librarian works with different clinic staff to identify patients that would benefit from one to one support – someone that might be experiencing a change in their child’s medical treatment or condition or even someone that may just want to connect with someone else that has been through a similar experience. 
  • This type of partnership can either be patient to patient or parent to parent support. 
Family Resource Center - Transition Support
  • Once a patient turns 18, they have typically aged out of being a patient at the hospital. The center works with families during this evolving and complex process.  
  • Transition planning generally starts the patient is around the age of 14 or 15 and the center works with the family during the  transition from pediatric care to adult care. 
  • It is important to help the patient identify what their needs will be and help them take ownership of their care. 
Legacy Scholarship Program 
  • The Legacy Scholarship Program to provide educational scholarships for former patients of Scottish Rite Hospital. The scholarship offers financial assistance with the essentials, such as tuition, books, room and board, and specialized individual needs.

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