Dan Sucato, M.D. and Lorena Floccari, M.D. sit down for Facebook live segment.

Feb 05, 2018 / General News

#SRHaccess Facebook LIVE Recap: Fellowship Program

On this week’s Facebook live, our Chief of Staff Daniel J. Sucato, M.D., M.S. and current fellow, Lorena Floccari,M.D. joined us to discuss the hospital’s fellowship program. Below is a recap of the conversation.

Watch the live segment. 

What is a fellowship?
  • A student who has completed four years of college (undergrad), four years of medical school and five years of residency is then eligible to apply for a fellowship.
  • A fellowship provides more specialized training in the field the student is interested in. For example, fellows come to Scottish Rite Hospital who are interested in becoming a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. 
About Lorena Floccari, M.D. – current Dorothy & Bryant Edwards Fellow:
  • From Akron, Ohio
  • Attended St. Louis University for undergrad
  • Graduated from the Ohio State University for medical school in 2012
  • Completed five years of residency at the Mayo Clinic for general training to be an orthopedic surgery
  • After residency, decided she wanted to sub-specialize in pediatric orthopedic surgery 
How did Lorena hear about the fellowship program at Scottish Rite Hospital?
Several mentors at Mayo Clinic trained at Scottish Rite Hospital and explained that it was the place to be for training in pediatric orthopedics. 

What is the interview process looking like for potential fellows?
  • Five fellows are selected for the program each year. 
  • About 35 trainees apply each year with five available positions. 
  • Fellows are then matched to a program. 
How do the fellows interact with patients and surgeons?
  • Each fellow is paired up directly with a full-time Scottish Rite Hospital surgeon.
  • Over the course of the year, the trainee has the opportunity to work with each of our surgeons.
  • The fellows are constantly being educating during the patient’s pre-op evaluation, clinic visits, during surgery and after surgery.
  • Fellows meet patients and their families in clinic. They will evaluate the child and will present their thoughts to the doctor. The fellow and the staff member will then discuss the diagnosis and will go back into the clinic room together to talk with the family. 
  • During surgery, the fellows are assisting the doctor throughout the procedure.
  • Fellows visit/check on patients after surgery at least three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening). The doctor usually joins the fellow during the afternoon visit. 
What role does research play throughout the fellowship? 
  • Research answers the unanswerable questions and takes our experts to the next level in clinical care. 
  • Each fellow is responsible to complete a research project during their time at the hospital. 
History of fellowship:
  • Funded through Dorothy and Bryant Edwards.
  • Started by Chief of Staff Emeritus J.A. “Tony” Herring, M.D.
  • First fellow was in 1978, and this year the program is celebrating 40 years.
  • Over 200 fellows have been trained and now work around the US.
  • Fellows come from all over the country each year. 
What distinguishes this program from other fellowships?
  • Education is like nothing else.
  • Monday night conference: every Monday evening, the trainees and medical staff go through all of the surgical cases for that week. Each case is discussed thoroughly to make sure the plan of treatment is best for the child.
  • Variety of what is seen: patients from around the world come to the hospital with a wide variety of complex pediatric orthopedic conditions. 
Learn more about our Dorothy & Bryant Edwards Fellowship. 

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