Dr. Oishi gives a presentation at a meeting.

Mar 07, 2018 / Research & Innovation

Staff Attend International Hand Meeting in Hong Kong

This week, members from our Center for Excellence in Hand are in Hong Kong attending the 10th World Symposium of Congenital Malformations of Hand & Upper Limb. The four-day conference, hosted by the Hong Kong Society for Surgery of the Hand (HKSSH), brings together hand specialists from across the globe to collaborate on the treatment and management of children with upper extremity conditions.

Scottish Rite Hospital’s Director of the Hand Center Scott Oishi, M.D. is attending and participating throughout the meeting. As a member on the international scientific committee and one of four appointed HKSSH annual congress speakers, Oishi is serving as a moderator and chairman for various hand deformity sessions. He is also leading an instructional lecture on syndactyly – a common condition where a child’s fingers or toes are not fully separated during development, also known as webbed fingers. 

In addition, the hospital’s certified hand therapist Amy Lake, OTR, CHT, is attending to present her latest research, “The Impact of Therapeutic Camp on Children with Congenital Hand Differences.” For the past 20 years, the hospital has created a therapeutic and safe environment for patients with congenital hand differences through Hand Camp. Lake’s research evaluates the positive benefits these camps provide to this patient population. Results showed that the participation in camp enhances their self-esteem and overall hand function which promotes participation in extracurricular activities. Lake is also leading several instructional lectures throughout the conference. Topics include amyoplasia, brachial plexus and congenital hand differences.  

Learn more about the research being conducted in the Center for Excellence in Hand. 

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