Sep 28, 2021 / Sports Medicine

Study of 400 Scottish Rite Patients with Sport-Related Concussion Published

In a recently published Applied Neuropsychology: Child article, the Center for Excellence in Sports Medicine team described a study of 441 adolescents seen in our clinic for sport-related concussion management. Data was reviewed to identify differences in athletes who continued to play on the day of the concussion compared to those who did not report playing after their injury. One in two patients (52.4%) in the study went back to play on the same day.

“We noted whether athletes reported a full recovery in more or less than 30 days and found no difference between these two groups,” says co-author and Sports Medicine research coordinator Hannah M. Worrall, M.P.H., CCRP, who is one of the authors of the study. “We did find two factors associated with a longer recovery time – worse symptom severity at their first visit and a longer time before coming to the pediatric sports medicine clinic.”

“This study reinforces the need for continued education of all individuals involved in youth sports, including parents, coaches and athletes,” says another co-author sports medicine physician Shane M. Miller, M.D. “I continue to encourage everyone to immediately remove an athlete from play in the case of a suspected concussion.” Miller has repeatedly warned others, “When in doubt, sit them out and keep them out.”

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