Apr 26, 2022 / Fractures

The Sweetest Thing

Article previously published in Rite Up, 2022 – Issue 1.

Seeing Sophia’s candy red cast covered in signatures from friends speaks volumes about her heart for others. “She’s all about making people happy,” her mother, Janell, says. “If somebody’s having a bad day, she’ll be right there giving them a helping hand.”
A few months ago, Sophia took a tumble off her scooter and broke her arm. Having received treatment for arm fractures twice before, her mother knew Sophia would receive great care at the Fracture Clinic at Scottish Rite for Children Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center in Frisco.
“I feel like they love Sophia, and they take care of her like family,” Janell says. “It’s rare nowadays for you to feel like that. It makes it a lot less scary for her to go into a situation like this again and just know that she’s going to get great care.”
Leading that one-of-a-kind care is advanced practice provider Gerad Montgomery, M.S.N., FNP-C. “I really love what I do because I can make a big difference and an immediate impact with these kids,” Montgomery says.” I have an opportunity to help a patient and family get through a difficult and stressful time.”
That was definitely the case with Sophia’s experiences. “I’m glad they’re there because sometimes, when I meet new people, I get nervous,” Sophia says. “All those doctors there know me. I’m the kid that always goes there every time I break my arm. My grandpa says they need to wrap me up with bubble wrap.”
Having previous experience with Montgomery and the team set Sophia’s mind at ease. “This one was not a bad one — the second one was super bad,” Sophia says. “I broke the big bone. I fell off my bike, onto the road, on my birthday.”
“We get a lot of repeat customers,” Montgomery says. “It’s unfortunate when kids break bones, but the good news is our team helps them get better, and their outcomes are really good.”
Sophia’s back to doing what she loves and feels good about her time at the Fracture Clinic. “If you go to Scottish Rite, the people are sweet,” Sophia says. “They make sure you are A-OK, and they’ll make sure you’ll be just fine.”

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