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Mar 10, 2017 / Sports Medicine

We’re Thrilled About Our New Relationship With The Mavs Basketball Academy

Our mission at Scottish Rite Hospital is to help children get back to being children. In many areas, including sports medicine, we are looking for ways to prevent injuries so we don’t have to treat them. Our new partnership will help us to continue to reach more and more young athletes and parents with messages about health and injury prevention. We’re passionate about those things and the Mavs Basketball Academy (MBA) is too.

Our goals are perfectly aligned; we both want to help kids enjoy sports and develop lifelong habits that keep them active and healthy well into adulthood. The Mavs Basketball Academy has asked us to step in and provide the latest evidence on topics that truly make a difference in the lives of young athletes.

If you follow us, you’ll hear from the sports medicine providers and care teams at Scottish Rite Hospital in print and other media on injury prevention topics including overuse injuries, balance, following rules, nutrition and hydration. Together, these tips will help young athletes develop strong bones and muscles, good coordination and a lifestyle that helps them stay on the court, rink and field and off the bench.

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