Apr 25, 2022 / Spotlight

Why I Give - Carolyn S. Kettle

I am a Scottish Rite for Children …
Former patient, donor and friend.
How did you learn about Scottish Rite for Children?
In 1937, Dr. Brandon Carrell treated me at Scottish Rite for polio when I was 13 months of age. Later on, in 1949 and 1951, I had corrective surgeries. Now at 85 (having retired from business at 84!), I am proud to attribute my PAINLESS body to Scottish Rite for their efforts in those early years. 
How do you feel about Scottish Rite for Children and the work we do?
I express my admiration for Scottish Rite because of their dedication to their testimony of giving back childhood to so many children.
Why do you support Scottish Rite for Children?
I owe my good life to Scottish Rite! I admire Scottish Rite for helping children, just as they helped me when I was a child.
What are some of the guiding principles that help you decide to support a charity?
Scottish Rite will forever remain very important to me.
Have you had an opportunity to meet any children/families we serve? What were your impressions?
In 1989, Vice President of Development, Stephanie Brigger, arranged a tour of the facility for me and my family. It was an experience of a lifetime to tour the hospital that healed me as a child.
What charitable gifts have given you the most satisfaction? Why?
In my later years – 1988 – I became a part of the 500 Club, as a small token of appreciation of the high quality of life Scottish Rite afforded me. Consequently, my family is also contributing. Scottish Rite remains very important to me. Its exceptional services for these 100 years make others’ lives so much better!
What one piece of advice would you give us as we plan for the future?

As an avid supporter of Scottish Rite, I am hopeful that people will be motivated to continue to change the lives of children for another 100 years!


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