Why I give

Feb 04, 2022 / Spotlight

Why I Give – Dr. Richard Brown

I am a Scottish Rite for Children …
patient family member, volunteer and friend.
How did you learn about Scottish Rite for Children?
As a dental student, I assisted graduate students from Baylor College of Dentistry in the dental clinic atFormer patient and volunteer Lara or Laura (Not sure) and Dr. Brown showing off the new dental chair purchased off of the Volunteer Wish List for the Dental Clinic. Scottish Rite. After my niece was born with multiple challenges, the family was referred to Scottish Rite for spinal abnormalities. We were told while visiting Boston Children’s medical experts that we should see Dr. Tony Herring (chief of staff emeritus) at Scottish Rite. Dr. Herring had recently completed residence training in Boston and was now at Scottish Rite. Having my niece treated in our home city was easier for all our family!
How do you feel about Scottish Rite for Children and the work we do?
Scottish Rite for Children is Brigadoon! Anyone who has seen the play, movie or read the story of Brigadoon should be able to see the analogy. Seeing how my niece and others were treated by the staff was remarkable. Kids would enter the hospital scared, but incredibly these same children were smiling and able to deal with the treatments rendered without complaint or extensive use of drugs to allow them to function. Everyone was treated equally, and families were never turned away because of money. Scottish Rite has an incredible following of patients, doctors, donors, staff and administrators. No stones are left unturned to care for these blessed children and their families.
Why do you support Scottish Rite for Children?
It is for me an honor and the right place for me to contribute my time and money to help see that this organization can continue its work…for the kids and the entire community. I am now retired and the people I work with at Scottish Rite (volunteers, administrators, everyone) are special people in a special place doing a whole lot of good! I am proud to be associated with such a fine, first-class organization.
What are some of the guiding principles that help you decide to support a charity?
The purpose it serves for children and the community. Scottish Rite for Children puts any donations to good use and reaches out to the community to help all children.
Have you had an opportunity to meet any children/families we serve? What were your impressions?
Yes … many. All seem very happy they were able to be treated at Scottish Rite. Dallas loves Scottish Rite for Children, and so do those many people around the world who have benefited from our wonderful organization.
What charitable gifts have given you the most satisfaction? Why?
My contributions to Scottish Rite for Children. This is my way of giving back. Children need us, parents and families need us. Children are born quite innocent and should get every break in life. Scottish Rite for Children offers this!
What one piece of advice would you give us as we plan for the future?
Keep doing what you are doing. Scottish Rite is first-class in every detail!


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