Aug 09, 2022 / Spotlight

Why I Give - Virgie Childs

I am a retired Scottish Rite volunteer and friend.

How did you learn about SRC?
I learned about Scottish Rite from my son who lives in the area. I moved to this part of Dallas to be near him.

How do you feel about us and the work we do?
I’m so inspired by the work Scottish Rite does for children and their families, and it has been so good to be a part of that work. I always say that Scottish Rite has done so much more for me than I have ever done for Scottish Rite.

Why do you support SRC?
I support the work of the organization because I’ve seen the difference it has made for so many children. Caring for the children is their No. 1 priority!

What are the guiding principles leading you to give?
Gratitude. I have been blessed in so many ways — I have loving sons, faithful friends — so I give out of gratitude for those blessings.

What charitable gifts have given you satisfaction?
My contributions to Scottish Rite are some of the most meaningful gifts I’ve given. Being a volunteer has given me the opportunity to see, firsthand, the institution’s life-changing impact. I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve found at Scottish Rite for Children to help others.

Met any of the children and families we serve?
One special patient and family stands out in my memory. The child came to Scottish Rite from another part of the state. He had been in a terrible accident, and only one parent could stay with him at the hospital because the other parent was at home caring for other children. They were here for several months, and I got to know them. They would often stop at the information desk where I was volunteering to visit. I was even able to visit the little boy a few times in his inpatient room.


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