Miles on park bench with book

Mar 15, 2021 / Spotlight

FOX 4: Here's to You - Kindness Matters

Patient Miles and his little brother, Ryder, are bringing awareness and hosting an online fundraiser on behalf of  Scottish Rite for Children for their birthdays! “Scottish Rite is not just a hospital. It is a community,” the boys’ mother, Angela, writes on their fundraising website. Miles was born missing his left hand. After their first visit to Scottish Rite when Miles was 3 months old, they learned Miles condition was called symbrachydactyly. “From day one, Scottish Rite welcomed us into their family,” Angela writes. Turning 8 this March, Miles has raised funds for organizations he cares about for half of his life. This year, Angela, Miles and Ryder came up with ideas and created items they would like to sell that encourage others to celebrate each others’ differences and spread kindness along the way. Books about differences and inclusion are featured on their site, as well as beautiful tie-dye T-shirts because their family says, “Much like people, no two shirts will be alike!” 

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