Dec 08, 2023 / Scoliosis & Spine

NBC DFW: TWU fashion design students give ‘help couture' clothing to scoliosis patients at Scottish Rite

When you think of fashion, you might picture haute couture, thin models, and runway shows. Fashion design students at Texas Woman's University think about inclusiveness and accessibility.

"You know, life isn't perfect," Texas Woman's University Fashion Design Lecturer Remy Odukomaiya said. "But how do you take what you have and make the imperfect life a bit better?"

That was the goal for Odukomaiya's fashion design students at TWU as they worked on a class project to design accessible, but fashionable clothing for young scoliosis patients.

"I love working with kids," TWU fashion design student Zoey Zahn said. "I love seeing their face when they get something that's interesting to them, or something that will help them. It's always so exciting to see the joy in their faces!"

The design class brought their 'help couture' designs to Scottish Rite for Children to give to patients who are fitted with halo gravity traction devices to help correct curvature in the spine.

"They're not a forgotten population," Odukomaiya said. "They're thought of and loved...their healing is important to us."

The clothing is a mix of bright green, orange, and blue with animal designs. Functionally, it's made to fit over a halo, without looking like it's made to fit over a halo.

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