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Oct 22, 2020 / Fractures

A Quick Fix in the Right Hands: Treating Nursemaid’s Elbow in Our Fracture Clinic

Patient access manager at our Frisco campus, Sarah Cochran, remembers vividly watching a happy toddler roll out of the clinic in a red wagon saying, “My “owie’s” fixed! My “owie’s” fixed! Look, the doctor fixed my owie!” Teagan, of Cross Roads, was leaving her visit in the Scottish Rite for Children Fracture Clinic earlier this year. Sarah says, “So many kids leave with smiles on their faces, but there are some that just melt your heart. I could see the joy and sense of relief on the face of all of her family members, too.”

Teagan loves to come to our Frisco campus playground to play princess in the “castle.” As they arrived this time, her mom was hopeful, but unsure if she would get to play with her siblings after her care.

An injury the day before left Teagan unwilling to move her arm, but mom followed advice to come to the walk-in hours for the Fracture Clinic. “Without an X-ray, the team knew exactly what was causing her pain and treated her right away,” mom said, as she tried to keep up with Teagan as she headed to the playground. Certified nurse practioner Raymond Kleposki, M.S.N., CPNP, describes the injury as a subluxation (slip) of the forearm bone from a ligament in the elbow, the condition is referred to as “nursemaid’s elbow” because of the way it occurs. When swinging or lifting a child by the wrist or hand, as a caregiver might do in a hurry or when playing, the elbow is vulnerable to this injury. The injury can also occur from a fall or other movements that cause pulling on the wrist.

“Fortunately, the treatment is a quick, specific maneuver to the arm and in most cases, the child is pain-free and back to activity that same day, sometimes right away, like Teagan,” says Kleposki. “We’re happy to see them head out the door and get back to being kids.” Teagan’s mother told the team, “I am so grateful and amazed they were able to fix it so quickly, in minutes, she was ready to play. I am so thankful for Scottish Rite for Children, they welcomed us with open arms and provide care in a kid-friendly setting. It was such an easy visit.”

The Fracture Clinic offers child-friendly care by pediatric orthopedics specialists and a multidisciplinary team. 

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Our Dallas and Frisco playgrounds are popular sites for many North Texas families. We are sorry they are closed right now due to COVID-19 precautions. We can’t wait to invite you to play when it is safe!

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