Nov 22, 2021 / Centennial

Letter from the President: Major Milestone

This update from President/CEO Robert L. Walker was previously published in Rite Up, 2021 – Issue 3. 

We can officially announce that as of October 2021, Scottish Rite for Children has been giving children back their childhood for 100 years. Throughout this amazing journey, the lives of more than 335,000 children have been directly impacted, and Scottish Rite for Children has become recognized as one of the finest pediatric orthopedic programs in the world.

In a recent visit by a former patient named Janet Kay Hart Mott, we were reminded that those who came before us laid the foundation we have today. Hospitalized in the 1950s with polio, Janet spent a considerable amount of time at the hospital receiving care for her orthopedic needs. She described in detail the doctors, nurses, staff and volunteers that were instrumental in her care and the love and hope that she received from them daily. Our dedicated and talented staff and volunteers continue to provide this same compassion to our patients today. Read Janet's Letter.

From the very beginning, our board of trustees have diligently and wisely steered this remarkable institution through decade after decade with the goal of always putting the needs of the child first. From spinal surgery to limb reconstruction, new innovative procedures have been developed to improve the care of our patients. In addition to the orthopedic excellence, Scottish Rite for Children has also achieved a national reputation in the area of dyslexia. Thousands of children have gained confidence and seen their reading skills dramatically improve, preparing them for their life ahead.

Even through a global pandemic, we are immensely fortunate to celebrate this momentous occasion with all of you. We want to thank each of you for being an essential part of this healing team. Without your support in so many ways, volunteer service, donations and prayers, Scottish Rite for Children could not have reached this major milestone. In the years to come, we will confidently and humbly continue moving forward with a focus on innovation and excellence. Happy 100th anniversary and may God continue to bless Scottish Rite for Children!

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