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Oct 13, 2020 / Fractures

Share Your Story: A Mother's Perspective

Still wearing his football practice gear, Raj, of Prosper, walked into the Scottish Rite for Children Fracture Clinic with an unmistakably broken arm. With the amount of deformity in his wrist some might expect he needed surgery, but, he left the clinic with straight bones, a new cast and a smile on his face. Our Fracture Clinic team, led by Gerad Montgomery, M.S.N., FNP-C, are experts in treating injuries like Raj’s. 

A multidisciplinary team is utilized to offer treatment for pediatric fractures and aim to provide the best care possible for each individual patient. Treatment decisions are always unique to each patient and family. Many fractures can be managed with just simple immobilization alone but sometimes, when the bones are not aligned correctly, we offer in clinic procedures called “closed reductions.” The procedure is used to restore normal alignment of the fracture without an incision or other invasive approaches. This procedure can sometimes be done in clinic with oral pain medication, a local anesthetic and fluoroscopy (real-time imaging of the bones). When performing a closed reduction in the clinic, like in Raj’s case, our team offers a collaborative approach utilizing a Child Life specialist, orthopedic nurse, orthopedic technicians and our advanced practice providers, like Gerad.

Read how Raj’s mother, Suja, of Frisco, explains their experience.

Raj is in the 7th grade. In his spare time, he loves to paint, practice guitar, play video games and play football when his arm is not broken. Raj was injured during football practice. His coaches knew right away that he needed to be evaluated quickly. I reached out to a friend whose daughter had a sports injury and she recommended Scottish Rite in Frisco.Raj_Gerad.jpg

We were fortunate to be seen in the walk in Fracture Clinic that same morning. Each member of the staff was incredibly patient and friendly, putting Raj at ease. Mr. Montgomery reviewed the X-rays with Raj, answered all his questions (which were many) and made him feel comfortable with the treatment plan. The nurse, Kelsei, and the orthopedic tech, Bryan, were so kind. The sweet Child Life specialist even held the iPad for Raj to watch bloopers from "The Office" while his fracture was reduced. We were so pleased with our experience.

“We are so glad that we have a pediatric orthopedic facility so close by. We were lucky that we could be seen the same day and have all of our services provided at one location.” – Raj’s mom, Suja. 

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