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Oct 01, 2019 / Fractures

Share Your Story: A Scientific Summer

Meet Charmian, a Fracture Clinic patient. 

Charmian, of Richardson, wrote a paper about her experience for her science class at school. Below is her paper.
Right as summer was about to start, I broke my wrist. I went to Scottish Rite Hospital and they reset my bScientific-Summer.jpgone, and put a cast on it. When I got there, many employees and volunteers were there to greet me and help me feel better. The doctors were very kind and informative. There was even a child life specialist there to explain to me exactly what the doctors were doing! It was a painful process, but I learned a lot about my bones. Scottish Rite Hospital was the best hospital I had ever been to! 

I broke two bones - my ulna and my radius. The doctor had to reset my wrist. The process of resetting a bone is called a fracture reduction. It requires a doctor to manipulate the broken ends of the bone into their original position and fix them in place with a cast, brace, traction, or external fixation. My experience involved the doctor manually putting the bone back into place. Even with all the technology we have, there are still some things like this that need to be done by hand.

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