Mar 10, 2020 / Rheumatology

Share Your Story: Alexa's Inspiration

Meet Alexa, a patient seen by our Rheumatology experts. Learn more about her journey below.

Blog written by Alexa’s mom, Elizabeth of Plains, TX.
At the age of 2, Alexa suddenly began having trouble walking. As a toddler, she should have been running and playing without hesitation, but instead she was crying and refusing to walk. She would be in tears over the pain, but since she was so young, was unable to express to us what was going on. 
We live in a small, rural town and our local hospital ran numerous tests, but nothing came back conclusive. They then sent us to University Medical Center in Lubbock, TX where physicians also did their best to diagnose Alexa. They thought she might have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, but eventually referred her to Scottish Rite for Children. By this point, Alexa was almost 3 years old.
Alexa was able to be seen by Dr. Punaro in the Rheumatology department at Scottish Rite. When she retired, Alexa switched over to Dr. Wright. Alexa is now 16 years old and her juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is stable.
We are so grateful for Scottish Rite. They have done so much to keep Alexa’s life as normal as possible. She is able to participate in almost every extracurricular activity she chooses. A junior in high school, she loves to participate in cheerleading, tennis and UIL academics. The entire organization has always been so helpful to our family. The medical staff is willing to do anything and are extremely prompt to answer our questions. Since we live five hours away, this is a huge help!
Thanks to Scottish Rite, Alexa has been inspired to pursue a degree in medicine when she heads off to college next year.



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