Oct 20, 2022 / Hip Disorders

Share Your Story: Hip Hip Hooray

Meet August, a patient seen by our experts in the Center for Excellence in Hip. Learn more about his journey below.

Blog written by August's mom, Katy. 

August's hip click was detected in the hospital the day he was born. Baylor University Medical Center was able to set up an appointment for us to be seen at Scottish Rite for Children that very week. Prior to that appointment, our pediatrician saw August and thought that his hips sounded fine, but we decided to keep our appointment at Scottish Rite just to be safe. 

When we saw Dr. Morris, we learned that his hips were not fine and also that they were both dislocated. He had severe bilateral hip dysplasia and would need to start treatment in the Pavlik harness immediately. I was honestly devastated. He was only 10 days old, and we were so sure that he was fine because the pediatrician had said he looked good! I cried a lot, and my favorite nurse in the world, Veronica, advocated for us to have a week to prepare. We were able to give him his first bath, take some photos and have some sweet snuggles before we started the Pavlik harness. That week made a huge difference, and by the time we came in to get him fitted for the harness, we were ready to take it on headfirst! 

In the time between his diagnosis and starting treatment, I, of course, did a lot of researching and felt concern that surgery might be our only option. I was feeling anxious to see how he would respond to this treatment. After one week of full-time wear — we were VERY diligent with it — his hips were no longer dislocated! They still had a long way to go, but that milestone was huge and showed that he was responding well. After that first week, we were cleared for an hour a day of harness free time but only took it off once a week for a bath and onesie/harness change. Eleven weeks later, we heard those magic words — his hips look perfect!

We were told at the start that it would be a minimum of six weeks but to expect closer to 12. While we hoped for that six-week mark, it ended up being 12. And that was okay because it WORKED! 

He was 17 days old when he went into the harness and was a little older than 3 months when he came out of it. He was rolling within a few days, was rocking on his hands and knees by 5 months, started crawling at 6 months and now at 7 months is pulling to stand on everything. He had his first follow-up at 6 months, and everything is still looking great. 

We can't put into words how thankful we are that his hip dysplasia was found and treated when it was. If we hadn't gone to that appointment, I don't think his condition would have been diagnosed until surgery was our only option. This early treatment was non-invasive, and while it was an emotional and, at times, a logistically complicated process, we are thankful to have been able to avoid surgery. 

Scottish Rite means my sweet August wouldn't be held back by his hips. Even if the Pavlik hadn't fully done the job, I know the amazing team would have continued to support us through each step to full healing. Thanks to Scottish Rite and our amazing team, we have a hopeful story to share with others.

Currently, August's favorite thing to do is pull up on anything he can reach. He loves to eat, let his brother take toys out of his hands without fussing and is starting to do a little dance anytime music comes on. He is so full of life and joy!



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