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Sep 22, 2021 / Pediatric Developmental Disabilities

Share Your Story: Hole in One

Meet Emme, a patient who is treated by our multidisciplinary team of experts.

Blog written by Emme's mother, Olivia. 

On the day Emme was born, I thought she looked absolutely perfect, just like a tiny doll. The next morning, our pediatrician came to check on her and asked if we had noticed the dimple on Emme’s lower back. He suspected she had a tethered spinal cord and sent Emme for some additional imaging. 

We were shocked and not exactly sure what was happening. We ended up staying in the hospital for a couple additional days to run these tests. We are super thankful to live in a city that has access to such wonderful doctors. Emme was seen by a pediatric neurosurgeon, and we learned that she indeed had a tethered spinal cord. When we learned about the possible effects of this condition being left untreated, we know that we would move forward with her surgery. 

I will never forget that as my little 6-month old was being wheeled back into surgery, she waved to us. Her spinal cord was able to be untethered, and the surgery was successful! From that point on, we called Emme our Tough Princess Girl! 

As Emme grew, we found it difficult to find properly fitting shoes. We had also been noticing a difference in size with her feet and legs. Our pediatric neurosurgeon suggested we make an appointment at Scottish Rite for Children for Emme to see Dr. Adams in the spina bifida clinic. 

Scottish Rite has provided so much support and in ways we could have never imagined! Emme has regular checkups with Dr. Adams. We are able to monitor the progression of a possible curve in her spine, and there are even experts help to ensure that her shoes fit her properly. Emme looks forward to her visits at Scottish Rite.  

She has always been sporty and jumped at the chance to be a member of the Scottish Rite PGA Jr. League Team. Scottish Rite has played a key part in Emme’s confident and positive attitude. Not only does she love golf, but she also loves to tell people about how Scottish Rite has helped her!  

This weekend, the United States will take on Europe in the Ryder Cup golf competition. Be on the lookout for Emme, as some of the Whistling Straits golf course signage will feature her participation on the Scottish Rite PGA Jr. League Team. 


The Scottish Rite PGA Jr. League Team is an inclusive program, with the PGA Jr. League. Using adaptive equipment, one-on-one coaching and peer support, children like Emme learn new sport-specific skills and build self-confidence. Watch to learn more about the PGA Jr. League's newest team!  

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